A professional tenant representation broker should be engaged any time a company needs to negotiate a real estate transaction.  Without a broker representing your company’s interest, you may become subject to a lease document that heavily favors the landlords.

We will guide you through a process that will ensure that your lease is competitive financially and fair compared to the existing market conditions.  In addition to negotiating favorable financial terms, we will work to ensure that you have a variety of options that your firm may require in order to maintain the flexibility you need during your tenancy.

We work with a variety of strong local architects and real estate attorneys that understand what it takes to help our clients meet their objectives.  We will help you choose the right team from the very start of the planning process all the way though the lease negotiations, the construction planning and move-in.

You Pay Us Nothing.

A tenant representative is paid by the Landlord’s broker.  We split the commission with the listing agent’s broker.  The time and money we will save your firm during the transaction process is much higher than a transaction that most tenants could negotiate directly.

Our clients best interests are our highest priorities. We're ready to help with all your real estate needs - give us a call.

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