Tenant Representation Leasing Services

We will take every one of our clients through the following transaction process so that they can be assured that they receive the full value of our service and the most competitive real estate lease available given their specific requirements:

  • Identify and evaluate current real estate needs
  • Review and analyze current lease
  • Establish transaction timeline
  • Present client with viable options
  • Tour selected properties
  • Perform detailed evaluation of desired finalists, including preliminary test-fits to evaluate size-requirement
  • Solicit proposals from selected finalists
  • Analyze and compare physical property conditions and landlord qualifications
  • Negotiate key business terms with each finalist
  • Perform comprehensive financial analysis of competing properties
  • Negotiation of final lease (with selected outside counsel, if required).
  • Assistance with construction coordination and move-in
  • Ongoing lease advisory / Landlord interaction

Additional Real Estate Services

In addition to advising our tenant clients with their real estate leases, we have expertise to help our clients with the following real estate activities:

  • Commercial property dispositions and acquisitions
  • Multi-location or long-term strategic planning
  • Operating expense reviews
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Market surveys/analysis
  • Building systems analysis
  • Buy vs. lease analysis
  • Construction planning, bidding and cost analysis
  • Lease administration

Our clients best interests are our highest priorities. We're ready to help with all your real estate needs - give us a call.

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